What Significance Does the Cost of Capital Have for Foreign Institutional Investors?

“What Significance Does the Cost of Capital Have for Foreign Institutional Investors? Why Investor Relations Professionals Must Understand the Concept of the Cost of Capital”

Content: Investor Impact sponsored an afternoon seminar dealing with the cost of equity and debt capital and their significance for investor relations. The objectives of the seminar were to impress on participants the importance of the cost of capital and its significance in formulating general corporate strategy and investor relations strategy. The seminar was co-sponsored with Ibbotson Associates Japan, Inc., and Credit Pricing Corporation. Our presentations were attended by 211 participants representing 162 companies. Participants expressed an interest in the content and follow-on topics. We express our thanks to the participants and our co-sponsors. (11, 29, 2013)

  • Lecture: “Understanding the Cost of Capital in 10 Minutes”
    By Katsunari Yamaguchi, President and Representative Director, Ibbotson Associates Japan, Inc.
    Presentation PDF
  • Case Studies: “Based on M&A Corporate Value Appraisals and Examples”
    By Tadaaki Komatsubara, Ibbotson Associates Japan, and Shinichi Motomiya, Credit Pricing Corporation
    Presentations PDF
  • Panel Discussion: “Practical Applications of the Cost of Capital”
    Panelists: Tadaaki Komatsubara, Ibbotson Associates Japan; Shinichi Motomiya, Credit Pricing Corporation; Rika Sumi, Investor Impact, Inc.
    Discussants: Noriko Yasuda, Investor Impact, and Fumiaki Yoshimizu, Investor Impact
    Presentation PDF, Video
  • Conclusion: The seminar concluded with a wrap-up presentation from Investor Impact
    Presentation by Thomas R. Zengage, President and CEO, Investor Impact (8 minutes) (In Japanese)
    Presentation PDF, Video