To Our Clients and Other Stakeholders

New Global IR Services Company in Tokyo: Investor Impact, Inc.

Investor Impact, Inc. was established in Tokyo, Japan to respond to the growing need of Japanese corporate issuers and global investors for substantive engagement. Investor Impact, Inc. is committed to sustainably enhancing corporate value by developing investor relations (IR) and other communications programs that beneficially impact investors and other stakeholders worldwide.

NEWDecember 2015: “Good Corporate Governance and Investor Relations” (IR Insight)

January 2015: “IR Global Trends: Activism and Corporate Governance” (IR Insight)

January 2015: “Strengthening Corporate Governance and Raising ROE to Improve Management Performance” (Slides and video)

November 2014: ”Investor Relations and Corporate Governance” (IR Insight)

August 2014: “Impact of JPX-Nikkei Index 400 on the Market and Corporate Management” (IR Insight)

July 2014: “Japan’s Stewardship Code: Implications for Investor Relations” (IR Insight)

April 2014: “How IROs in the U.S. Are Thinking about Activism: Implications for Japanese Companies” (IR Insight)

Feburary 2014 “National Investor Relations Institute Senior Roundtable Conference 2013/2014” (IR Insight)

January 2014: “Integrated Reporting for Corporate Management” (Slides and Video)