Web / Social Media Communications

The explosions in usage of tablet computers, smartphones, and other digital devices suggest powerful new investor relations (IR) strategies are now available around the clock and around the world. To stay abreast of developments, most securities analysts surveyed routinely access corporate IR web resources. In fact, our review of English-language IR websites of more than 200 Japanese companies points to a range of opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of online IR even at Japan’s largest corporations.

Web / Social Media Programs

  • Corporate website development
  • IR micro-site development spanning:
    • Disclosure reports (HTML, PDF, XBRL)
      • Annual reports
      • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports
      • Environmental reports
      • Integrated reports
    • Investor presentations
    • Investor fact sheets
    • Stock quotes, charts
    • Interactive financial data graphics
    • Financial press releases
    • Corporate governance
    • Regulatory filings
    • Social media program development


  • Audits
  • Surveys
  • Other


  • IR Dashboard™ Key Performance Indicator tool
  • IR social media strategy
  • Website evaluation
  • Other customized consulting projects