Support for the Introduction of ESG Management

Investor Impact contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by seeking solutions to social issues while working to enhance overall corporate value.

With each year, investors are placing increased importance on ESG information as a key factor in the evaluation of companies. At the same time, demand is growing for the disclosure of information regarding sustainability policies under the Corporate Governance Code and details of activities with respect to such issues as climate change and diversity. For companies that seek to contribute to the resolution of social issues and the realization of a sustainable society in the course of their business activities, Investor Impact provides support in the formulation of strategies and implementation of measures related to ESG management while taking into consideration a wide array of requirements including each company’s specific strategic goals, industry positioning, and mix of stakeholder requirements.

Principal Services Provided

  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Production of communications tools (sustainability reports, ESG data books)