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Chairman & CEOThomas R. Zengage

To our clients,

Our mission at Investor Impact is to provide a full suite of strategic communications consultancy on behalf of our Japanese and non-Japanese clientele, thereby supporting the value creation process.

Investor Impact works with clients to provide the scope of consultancy required to communicate effectively in a fast-changing, digitally connected world. We are committed to advising clients on best practices across a range of communications disciplines spanning strategy, messaging, IR and PR program implementation, and feedback on program effectiveness.

Japan’s range of dynamic market segments and world-class social infrastructure offer decidedly positive opportunities for both corporations and investors worldwide. The pace of engagement between Japan and the rest of world is on a clearly rising trend, despite the challenges in the global environment.

Now more than ever, corporate management and investors in Japan and worldwide must focus on Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) factors to assure their value creation process is sustainable. We work hand in hand with each client to communicate the material elements of each client’s story in the most compelling way.

Each client engagement is unique, so every assignment begins with careful research. The co-founders of the firm bring together a wealth of professional experience in Japanese and international markets. We have assembled an expert team of strategic communications consultants, researchers, graphic designers, digital specialists, and others to support each client project.

The results are award winning projects that reach target audiences and achieve client goals.

President and Representative Director
Chief Consultant
Rika Sumi

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all our customers and stakeholders for constantly conferring their support on Investor Impact.

It is thanks to you that we at Investor Impact celebrated our 10th anniversary in November 2022. During this time, there have been major changes in the environment in which we operate. Above all, the barren debates about shareholderism versus stakeholderism, which have been the subjects of discussion for nearly 20 years, have almost been drawn to a close. Instead, in their capacity as society’s public institutions, companies as well as investors and investment chains have had great expectations placed on them to solve social issues, as typified by the SDGs. Irrespective of the size of a business entity, we are living in an era in which society expects value to be created from business models and companies are aware of the extent to which their created value will have an impact on people and society, while explanations are demanded of them.

As companies bear an unprecedented social responsibility in this era of such drastic change, they have to explain to all stakeholders what kind of corporate behavior is occurring which can then serve as a guideline. Underpinned by their corporate philosophies, they describe their missions and the value systems they possess. For whom is something of value, whether their actions are in line with those philosophies and value systems, and whether their corporate behavior is in accordance with consistent values. Companies now find themselves in an era in which they are constantly required to ask and verify these questions for themselves.

The IR activities, integrated reporting, and integrated thinking in which we are engaged facilitate the independent verification of companies. An integrated report can effectively ensure engagement not just with the capital markets but with greater society, including the customer and labor markets, and be positioned as an essential tool for maintaining self-discipline within a company.

Feeling a sense of pride in undertaking important activities such as these in partnership with companies that bear a social responsibility, I am all the happier when the support we provide is of assistance, even if only in some small way.

In grateful anticipation of your continued support throughout Investor Impact’s second decade.