Investor Relations (IR)

Global capital markets demand that corporations consistently and responsibly improve financial performance. Japanese companies find it increasingly critical to communicate corporate strategy and results in ways that positively impact not only stakeholder perceptions, but investor actions as well. Investor Impact, Inc. offers a full suite of high-level IR consultancy services to strengthen relationships between Japanese issuers and stakeholders worldwide, thereby boosting Return on IR (ROIR).

Investor Relations Programs

  • Situation assessment
  • IR strategy development
  • IR meeting implementation
  • Preparation of IR master narratives, investor presentations, FAQs, other
  • Shareholder identification surveys
  • Proxy voting consulting services
  • Investor and analyst perception surveys
  • Shareholder value analysis by Total Shareholder Return (TSR) method
  • Share price analysis using residual income valuation Ohlson Model
  • IR training

IR / Corporate Communications Tools

  • Development of annual reports, shareholder communications, investor guides, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports, environmental reports, integrated reporting, media releases, other
  • Creation of corporate brochures and business guides
  • IR website planning, production, and optimization
  • Social media services
  • Translation services covering media releases, earnings reports, convocation notices, other

Surveys, Research, & Consulting

  • Design of IR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Cost of capital / theoretical share price consulting
  • Measurement of Return on IR (ROIR)

IR Data Services

  • Analyst reports – Critiques, coverage expansion, and development
  • International target lists of institutional investors / securities analysts
  • Client company shares held by international investment trusts
  • Financial media targeting

Other Customized Consulting Engagements