IR Consulting

Through its IR consulting expertise, Investor Impact works diligently to strengthen relationships with investors and other stakeholders while increasing corporate value.

Global capital markets demand that corporations consistently and responsibly improve financial performance. In disseminating management information, it is important to engage stakeholders in a way that not only deepens their understanding, but also has a positive impact on investors’ investment behavior. Investor Impact offers a full suite of high-level IR consultancy services to strengthen relationships between companies and stakeholders worldwide, ultimately realizing corporate value commensurate with fundamentals and future growth potential.

Principal Services Provided

  • Strategic planning
  • Capital policy
  • Investor and analyst perception surveys
  • Shareholder identification surveys
  • Investor engagement
  • Activist response
  • Production of communications tools (shareholder newsletters, corporate brochures)
  • English translation of various communications tools including press releases, financial reports, and convocation notices