Management Philosophy

As an IR professional, Investor Impact is dedicated to enhancing the value and social significance of its corporate customers by providing support in the resolution of management and capital market issues.

Our Strengths

Our strengths lie in the formulation of effective market-oriented communication strategies based on research and analysis that accurately reflect global IR trends, and the production of IR tools by our highly specialized and skilled staff.

Consulting / Research and Analysis / Planning and Production

Support Structure

Investor Impact is constantly deepening its research in IR. Working with the corporate sector while sharing an awareness of various issues, we are putting forward proposals based on the latest trends. In the production of such information disclosure tools as integrated reports, our highly specialized and skilled staff, with an average 15 years of experience, remain fully involved in the entire production process from planning to operation, and are responsible for final delivery.

IR Consulting Division

The IR Consulting Division offers a comprehensive range of consulting services encompassing every facet of the IR field. In addition to its consulting services, the Division provides support in the planning and production of integrated reports. Leveraging its unique strengths as a professional with a longstanding history and extensive experience in IR, the Division supports companies in the resolution of issues and creation of further corporate value.

Communications Production Services Division

The Communications Production Services Division engages in the production of various IR-related tools including integrated reports, corporate brochures, and websites. With excellent design skills and extensive production experience, Division staff propose both grand and refined designs that enhance readability while maintaining an optimal corporate tone and manner.

Editing Division

As far as the creation of text is concerned, the Editing Division is responsible for the editing, writing, proofreading, and revision processes related to the production of content. Native English-speaking staff, who are well versed in corporate management, prepare texts that are suitable for a highly intelligent readership.